Families who have children with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes often have great difficulty finding someone to babysit who understands the dangers and details of diabetes.

SAFESITTINGS is a nationwide website that makes available teens with Type 1 diabetes as babysitters for children with diabetes. These teens have been managing their own care for many years. They understand the dangerous highs ands lows inherent in the disease and have the skills to test blood sugars, give insulin injections, adjust insulin pumps and treat hypoglycemia.

Teens who are interested in putting their skills and experience to good use should post their availability.

Safesittings is a not for profit organization. Fees for babysitting will be determined and agreed upon on a case by case basis through discussion between each family and babysitter. Transportation expenses and/or time may also be considered.

Names of babysitters will be provided to families when they contact the service.

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