Kimberly Ross
Founder and President

My name is Kimberly Ross. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 11. I am currently 25 and working in New York City.

I came up with the idea of when I was 14. At a Diabetes Fundraiser I overheard a couple complain that they had not been able to go out without their three year old daughter for over a year and a half, since she was first diagnosed with Type I diabetes. Unable to find a babysitter who could monitor the dangerous high and low blood sugars, who was willing to test blood sugars, inject insulin, or assume responsibility for managing this life threatening disease, the couple had totally given up trying to get out on their own. I suddenly realized I could help. I had been managing my own diabetes for several years, since age 11, and had all the skills needed to baby-sit. Thus, I founded Safesittings, a Diabetes Babysitting Service whereby teens as well as adults with Type I diabetes could baby-sit for children with Type I diabetes and give parents a much needed break.

With the help of my school nurse, I publicized the babysitting service at a meeting of the School Nurse's Association in New York City and distributed posters in medical offices. It immediately took off. I formed a network of babysitters who have Type I diabetes and want to put their skills and experience with diabetes to good use.

After Safesittings was described in the Wall Street Journal there were requests from all over the country for help in obtaining babysitters or setting up a similar service. I decided to expand the service to try to meet the need on a national level and developed the website. The website, which functions like a bulletin board, helps people find babysitters in their own area. Safesittings officially became a 501C3 non-profit organization in 2006.

"It is always an inspiration to me and my daughter to hear about teenagers with diabetes who are active and well adjusted and willing to help others".
A mother in Chicago

"As a dad with a kid with diabetes, I know that what you are doing is providing a tremendous resource to those parents that have a need".
A father in Dallas

"You are congratulated on turning the challenge of dealing with diabetes into a positive force to help others"
A father in California


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